Hot tunes and cool works in progress

Many authors find inspiration in music.  I’ve asked several of our most talented writers to share a bit about how a particular song relates to their current works in progress.  Read on, and find both some new tunes for your playlist and new authors to add to your TBR list.  Song links lead to YouTube.

Odelia Floris (Romance Author)

WIP: The Stolen God

One of my current works in progress is The Stolen God, a contemporary romantic suspense novel set in Florence, Italy.The music of the classical crossover group, Il Divo, perfectly captures the mood I want to create in The Stolen God.

At the centre of The Stolen God is a story of second-chance love.  A lot of different Il Divo songs inspired me, but as I have to choose just one to share with you, I am going to pick my favourite. It is “Heroe“. Using the metaphor of a book, the Spanish words talk about how uncertain our destinies are, and how we are sometimes ‘afraid of what we read.’ But you will find the courage, because ‘there is no hero like you.’ All the main characters in The Stolen God overcome difficult challenges of one kind or another. This song really speaks to the need for each of us to be the hero in our own lives.

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Pandora Spocks (Erotic Romance)

WIP:  Lost and Found

My work in progress is a contemporary erotic light BDSM romance.  Spoiled Hollywood starlet Shasta Pyke gets into legal trouble and is sent to cool her heels for a few weeks at a secluded lodge in the woods of northern Ontario.  There she meets sexy Dominant mountain man Blake Walker, owner of the lodge and a former wilderness counselor.  He sees behind her ‘game face’ to the frightened, vulnerable little girl she really is.

My song is “Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts.  Both Shasta and Blake are, in their own ways, damaged souls, and it’s a broken road that brings them together.

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Siren Allen (Sci-Fi Romance)

WIP: Silver

You Don’t Own Me” by Grace and G-Eazy definitely describes how the heroine in my current WIP is feeling. She’s her own woman and doesn’t want anyone, especially her so-called mate, trying to change her or to tell her what to do. My current WIP is a Sci-Fi romance, titled Silver, and will be available in September.

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A.M. Manay (Paranormal/Supernatural Fantasy)

WIP: Untitled (November Snow Book 3)

The hero of my November Snow Series is a tough cookie who has had a rough ride.  In Book 3, she has the fight of her life on her hands as she tries to get justice for the man who made her a vampire while also, you know, saving the world.  The song “No Money” by Galantis calls to mind standing up to a schoolyard bully and fills me with the fighting spirit that November embodies.

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Inspired by the songs above? Try Patient Lee’s Radio Challenge!


Feel free to share your thoughts and more inspiring tunes in the comments below!



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