Review: A Bride For Seven Brothers by Fionna Guillaume

A Bride For Seven Brothers by Fionna Guillaume

There is erotica that uses sex to tell a story. Then there is erotica where sex is the story. This is the second kind. There is a lot of sex going on in this little book. But it never becomes repetitive or tedious. The author shows tremendous creativity by coming up with many varied and diverse scenarios to keep the readers’ interest. The writing style is crisp and efficient — the kind of writing that never gets in its own way.

My one issue was how the young, virgin bride turns into a fantastic dominatrix literally overnight. I mean, one day she’s never seen a naked man before and the next day she’s performing simultaneous prostate massage and fellatio. That strains credibility a little bit.

But it does contribute to the amazing positive vibe of this story. This is a situation where even the most capable woman might feel over her head. (Seven husbands! Yikes!) Instead this bride shows how the right amount of domination can bring joy and harmony to a relationship. Sexual expression brings this family together in a way in which everyone wins. And wins. And wins. And…



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