Review: Out: Five Erotic Stories of Gay Self-Discovery by Patient Lee

Out: Five Erotic Stories of Gay Self-Discovery by Patient Lee

This is a collection of MM erotic stories. More than that, though, these are stories of discovery. Men discovering new realms of sexual pleasure, and, as a result, discovering things about themselves. It’s a really fun and uplifting collection. The stories are:

“Come With a Friend” — I’ve reviewed this story as a stand-alone, so I won’t say much more here except to mention that this is a great, great story.

“Christmas in July” — this one brings the sweetness. It’s a tender story of a wounded man finding support and a place to belong.

“Come on Down” — this one brings the silliness. The Price is Right tie-ins might make you roll your eyes, but the sex scenes are scorching hot. A “F” is added to the MM here for some truly engaging three-way action.

“Gay Greenhorn” — a brilliant story. I’ve reviewed this also as a stand-alone, so I’ll only mention that this story alone is worth the 5-star rating.

“Love and a Hate Crime” — this story is deep. We see homophobic bias through the eyes of a mentally challenged man. In his simple wisdom, he wonders why he’s supposed to hate “the queers” just because they love each other. It’s a powerful message and very nicely sums up the attitude of this collection: Love is Love.



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