Fionna Guillaume

Fionna Guileggsllaume is a nom de plume, for although Fionna loves writing and publishing erotica, she also has a day job. She is happily married, and can attest to the fact that marriage makes for an even better sex life! Her passions are travel, exploring other cultures, tasting strange foods, and reading — all kinds of books, all the time. Luckily she has a big purse to hold whatever book is currently in-progress. She particularly enjoys historical fiction, biographies of interesting people, good fantasy and sci-fi, The Classics, and of course romance and erotica. Fionna has plenty of time for reading in her lovably cloudy home in the Pacific Northwest. When not writing new stories, she can usually be found curled up in a comfy armchair with an open book and a ridiculously large mug of hot tea.


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