Shaheen Darr

Shaheen Darr was the Small & Home Business Channel Manager for Helium Inc for several years. She enjoys writing on a range of different topics that also include poetry. A selection of her poems and reflections have been self-published in the books “Soul Searching” and “The Spectrum of Life.” While some of her words raise questions about love and life, others aim to provide inspiration and hope, as she says “maybe somewhere, one day, someone’s life might change after reading one of my poems….”
Her debut novel KISMET – A Desi Rhapsody in London has recently been released on Amazon and the Kindle store. The story is based in Southall, a borough in the West of London, which is home to a diverse number of communities. Each community has carved out a niche for itself so that it can feel at home in a foreign country. Darr says she “could relate to them as I too had left my home years ago to settle in Britain. I could see their mannerisms, I knew their backgrounds, and I could relate to their continual struggles to balance ethnicity with western values. Slowly but surely a group of characters began to materialise on the pages of my book. These were the desi people (people with origins in India and Pakistan) whose kismet it was to live abroad.”

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